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Production units are equipped with up-to-date technology, specialized to manufacture any kind of shirt, starting with the execution of the models.

From the very beginning, the entire technical equipment was made up of new machines, purchased from the Romanian subsidiaries of the main textile equipment suppliers. Our equipment is made by Juki, Mayer, Ewa-Tex, Veit, Stirovap, ZSK.
Working conditions reach European standards. Production capacity is approximately 2200 shirts a day. Products manufacturing is done with minute care.

We believe that the first step for a long-term collaboration consists in the receipt and storage of raw and auxiliary materials in very good conditions. Storage is done on special shelves in ventilated and dry rooms.

We also own a modern CAD/CAM design, scaling and framing system for models. Cutting-on is done on large special vacuum tables so as the specific loss of this operation should be as insignificant as possible.

For collars and sleeves thermal colouring a press with electronic control for pressure, speed and temperature is used. The range of adjustments allows thermal colouring in ideal conditions independent of the kind of cloth. Seams are made using modern Japanese equipment, which are notable because of the quality of the operations performed, reliability and productivity, which make up a very good quality/price ratio.

For final or intermediary finishing work, Italian made ironing boards are used. The latter are equipped with sleeve formers, and the ironing surface includes absorption and heating options.

Quality control of products is performed all along the process and at the end as well.

Finished products may be individually packed and exhibited on hangers or, sometimes, they may be pleated with the help on automatic pleating machines and then packed in boxes. Storage is done in special areas, protected against fire and breaking into by means of electronic systems.

In addition to our services, now we have high performance, up-to-date embroidery machines. At the same time, we own the latest software to create and modify embroidery programmes within a short execution period and observing high-quality standards.

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