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Condra History

Condra was established in 1992, entirely with Romanian capital. At that point, it had only 7 employees that eventually led to 50 in 1994, along with new production facilities. At the beginning, the investment has been made out of inherent resources. It didn`t take long until our investment decisions turned out to be successful, which is reflected in the present status quo: own and modern production facilities where 150 employees are keen on achieving the same objective: creating affordable products under rigorous quality standards.
Our core-values centered around the Condra brand are: quality, affordability and flexibility.

Family tradition

Condra was born as a small family business from the passion of producing men shirts. While the production is focused mainly on shirts, the business is dedicated to a larger public, given the availability for both men, women and children products. Apart from shirt production, we have also focused on pyjama making for men. The quality and diversity of our articles is due to the experience we have accumulated and the technology we have developed in time. Therefore, at present, we can easily tackle different styles as far as shirt models are concerned, departing from streetwear and reaching essentials, basic or archaic styles. Before having our own production line, we have been working for 20 years with prestigious producers all around Europe, which gained us enough expertise for developing our own lines of quality clothing.

We pay attention to detail, we are being passionate about quality improvement and we are dedicated to those who make every day an important day.

Condra Values




Our goal is to be able to adapt in market circumstances. Thus, we have managed to adopt various production methods: lohn, semi-lohn and ready made. The production process is fairly complex and relies on advanced technology. When discussing design and pattern building, we perform small series sampling, framing, consumption, grading, digitalizing molds, building patterns based on drafts, size charts and models. The technology we employ allows us to produce any type of industrial embroidery starting from design building, given our state of the art embroidery machines and our cutting-edge software.

Total surface for production and storage is 1800 sqm.
Our products are subject to double technical quality checking: mid-sequence and final.
Products are available in two types of packaging, folded in a bag or placed individually on a hanger.
Storage is performed in specific conditions, backed-up by electronic systems for fire and burglary prevention.

Employees perform in conditions that comply with European standards with the production capacity reaching 1100 units/ day. CAD/CAM design system facilitates grading, framing molds while tailoring is done on particular, vacuumed working desks. Moreover, we are using electronic adjustment presses for thermally bonding collars and cuffs while seaming is performed using Japanese machinery.

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